Hybrid Human

Past Games

Sky Box is an experience game. We wanted to explore the concept of solitary, is it by choice or force? - Inspired by In The Distance video by Florian Grolig [https://vimeo.com/298166943].
It's a nursing simulation mobile game, where your goal is to put a baby to sleep, by waving/swinging your phone to control the speed of the lullaby.
Inspired by the rock sub culture of metal, the ritual of metal head bangers swinging their might manes to the epic thrashing and wailing of the guitars. Grab your might axe and make it scream!
A crew sets of from earth to explore disturbances detected 5 light years away from earth. On the way to their destination unusual events occur on the ship.
Change your shape and change the world around you as you try to overcome the obstacles to reach your goal.