Past Games

Tiny Trumpet Studios is proud to present FANFARE: the game in which you play the flute to fix the mood! The little town of Greyville ran flat out of luck.
You’re part of a family fleeing a dying earth in an old spaceship. The ship needs a continuous supply of minerals to keep basic functions going.
Pictionary with burning worms. A VR game about keeping a monster worm happy. Using the Gear VR you have to draw an object from a random card. Your friends can guess which object you're dra
Combo is a game in which three players work together to achieve a common goal. The catch is that every now and then, the controls swap, causing a typical "What do we do now?" experience.
Stoplight is a 3-player game for Microsoft Windows. Colours are related to the players movement, when moving the colours will fade away from the screen.