Past Games

A racing/flyer fraught with havoc and destruction.
Up to 4 player battle arena.
Enter a seed for the dungeon generation and hit generate. WASD or Arrow keys to move the character around. Mouse to target an area. Left mouse button to repel metallic objects away from you. Right
Find the items you need to perform your ritual and defeat the other player. Player 1: Arrow keys, Slash, Period | Player 2: WASD, Q, Tab or Joystick D-Pad, A, LB
A multiplayer experience where you create and customize prototype robots and release them into the testing facility.
Use colors to maneuver through a puzzling world.
Physics based game where you pick up debris to create a new world
A rather difficult to explain, probably misunderstood, game about shooting ropes to solve puzzles. Includes Box2d physics using a custom engine.
First tests in unity showcasing models created and special effects.