Past Games

It's 3pm and the setting sun is already touching the crown of evergreens far in the horizon. Soon the dark will swallow the white landscape before your eyes and turn into dark blue hue.
A shipwrecked astronaut tries to gather parts to fix the spaceship he was riding in an asteroid field around Saturn. He is slowly running out of oxygen and moving around with the space suit also consumes oxygen. Oxygen can be refilled by finding oxygen tanks on the asteroids. It is 3D first person game.
You're stuck in a loop. Move through the Hub and find your way out!
Scientist tried to save pandas from extincintion, by removing the part from their genes that allowed them to die a natural death. FAIL! Now all the undead zombie pandas are roaming city streets. You, a burly daddy bear are the only one who can save the day. Present the blessing on violent, unnatural death to these abominations and lay them all to rest. If you can.