Past Games

You and your fellow astronauts have landed on a crystalized moon. Which is perfect for harvesting fuel crystals!
Walk around the world picking up items that inspire you. Bring them back to your abode to create a space that is comfortable and filled with things you love. Hint: We only got a bird in.
The Odyssey of the Two Lovers in a Star Crossed Space Separated from sharing their Love Transmissions because there may or may not be a dragon named Cloud Li or meteors that should be rain, but it’s a
Take control of a ship riding sine waves on a cyber ocean, defeating USB pirates along the way.
As a priestess tasked with cleansing a dilapidated cathedral, you must conserve the last remnants of Light to protect yourself from the spirits occupying the area.
Start cold and alone in an unfamiliar environment. Try out different hats to gain confidence and fortitude. Venture forth?