Past Games

Rescue a lost exotic pet from a damaged spaceship infested with strange beasts. Get treasure on the way. A two or three player push-your-luck digital boardgame.
Repair broken teddy bears for sad children. VR for Oculus Rift and Quest
Boxmap (made with mapbox). Uses real city maps for stealth gameplay. Traverse the city, transmitting your message of hope and resistance, avoiding patrolling polis and busybodies that will dob you i
This is a game about a wizard so lazy, he can't even be bothered mixing his own potions.
Every winter, families gather to celebrate their most special religious ritual. No, not Christmas, BLACK FRIDAY. You have to hard charge your way to big discounts. Ram those shelves!
Four Wizards one Controller
2 Player local competitive multiplayer platform game. Themed around differing political ideologies and the interpretations we make of them based on our own, differing beliefs.
A puzzle platform game where the main character has three level-changing abilities. You must use them wisely in order to successfully get to the end of the level.