Past Games

Convert your opponents to your team by ramming them!
Unite the ducks by throwing pebbles and creating ripples in the pond. Avoid challenging obstacles such as floating rocks, an RC toy boat, and sea mines.
A local multiplayer FPS where you try to take photographs of the other players without being photographed yourself!
It's raining, and without anything better to do, two children are creating a game as they go along. Made for the Oculus Rift.
Fight with a friend, both in the game and out of it!
In Astrophage, you are an explorer who finds himself on the edge of a hostile planet determined to fight him off. Shoot your way to the center of the planet, moving through a maze of ventricles and arteries, to kill the heart at the center. WASD to move, mouse to aim and fire.
The rest of Booker's kind escaped the wheel of life, but he chose to stay behind. Now trapped on his home planet populated by demons, he is perpetually trying to leave the planet, but always crashes back down to earth. \