Past Games

A 50’s B-movie alien invasion horror game made with FUDGE during the global game jam 2021. Theme: "Lost And Found".
You´re a robot who digs up robot parts from ancient times for the church with your dog Xam. Legends say that the creators went to heaven and left the robots behind to inhabit this world.
Did you ever need a restroom and couldn't find one? Marie has a weak bladder and her way home is long. Can she manage the way without an accident? When in a hurry, she is happy with every to
You are stuck on Drumstick Island. There is no food or anything really useful to be found and your only ally are the waves that bring wood and food to shore.
Summon mighty demons through using the power of the 4 primeval elements fire, earth, air and water. Create individual beasts and let them fight to the bitter end, to prove you the superior Summoner