Past Games

A puzzle about the true meaning of friendship by trapping the hell out of the next person that will play the game. HOW-TO's: Use the keyboard arrows to move your character around; avoid turret
A game about water, waves and the meaning of friendship. Like a Mario Party minigame, this is a multiplayer game in which the one who gets more coins after 60 seconds wins!
You're a music critic in a long forgotten tribe. Test your ear and try to find out who is playing out of tune.
This game is a parody of the popular board game "The Settlers of Catan".
A local multiplayer about Chaos, Friends, ugly sprites and trying to get everyone on the same keyboard.
Play as the mighty hero PAPACO (which have a little problem of DID - Dissociative Identity Disorder) in this beautifully hand-made shmright (Shoot'em Right)!