Henrik Goldsack

Past Games

You are but a shadow of yourself, no meaning, no inner fire, no garbage. Time to fill it up dear!
A game about repairing and identifying the dreams of individuals. Lead Programmer & Creative Director: Henrik Goldsack Programmer: Martin Vadseth Høiby Lead Artist: Tobias Edvardsen
I Am Home is about a birthday boy, who was gifted a dollhouse, a robot, and a double stacked cake. Everything a kid could wish for.
Play as the Switchboard Operator, connect incoming callers the old fashioned way. Work hard, eavesdrop or disconnect people, try to keep up with the jungle of wires as you progress. Fun silly, chaot
A game about shouting, you need to connect two microphones to your computer "somehow". Adjust the volume settings for them and disable all other devices.
Who is the most central minded?
No one wants to live in a blank world. We want sun and skies, grass and trees. What powers can create our dream world?
We misspelled bed flight simulator. Oooops. 2 PLAYER BED FIGHT GAME: YAAAAAAAAA
Four people in a small city have intertwined lives.