Past Games

Optimo is a company that wants to create the next line of state-of-the-art robots. However, the "brains" of the robot have had some slight difficulties.
Make dumplings together with the whole family in this frantic single-player cooking rts! Each family member brings their own skills to the craft. 饺子家是一款即时战略游戏。
Go through channels using a Vive remote, and position the other controllers so you can get a stable enough signal to watch some tv.
A game about providing consenting sophonts with pleasure via waves of tantric telepathic touch. How to Play: Your goal is to find and pop little sensitive bubbles by sending Waves of Pleasure alon
In a girl's school, there is a rumor, that if a student burns the school's relics at the basement storage, she is granted a wish.
A Unity based audio text adventure controlled by Twitter-tweets. Welcome to #TweetLovers This Game is an audio adventure which is controlled by Tweets, so to get started please log in to your Twitt
Our minds shape how we see the world and act on it. But what happens when you look through the mind of someone who gets labeled with a ‘mental disorder’?
Mouse beat is an symmetric online multiplayer game for two players. Where player one plays as a cruel kid that tries to give an heart attack to a mouse and player two is the mouse trying desperately find his loved one - the cheese - in a maze.
Manliest disco shmup ever. Controlled with a dancepad and a guitar controller!