Past Games

Two priests have prepared a secret ritual. Death will reward entry to lichdom! The catch: only the first to die will join the unholy ranks, the other will simply die.
Tetris meets the Sims meets a shark... What? The residents of Infinite Condo wants to do things. These wants are fulfilled by visiting certain rooms.
In the far future of 21XX, two biotechnically cyber-enhanced childhood friends try for their escape from the MegaBrain testing facilities.
You're a smuggler out in your row boat at night. You have to get to your destination while rowing your boat in VR with Oculus Touch, avoiding mines and seasickness...
Two tribesmen guide the other's flame towards a totem to light the fires of the PyroGeist.
Jessie and Jane two soon to be mothers are having a relaxing trip to the mountains ,suddenly their water breaks simultaneously....
Du spiller som Hank Isen i hans tokt gjennom Fort Nils mot sitt mål: Den yndige, barmfagre mø: Elnilse. Om du velgere å angripe, snike eller snakke deg gjennom fortet er opp til deg, men din spillemå

Hearty Games