Past Games

A dueling game Played by 2 people on one keyboard. Players try to hit their opponent using WASD and arrow keys. Blocking enemy thrusts charges up a meter unlocking the pistol attack to win the duel
Deep undersea exploration using a remotely operated vehicle. Recover 3 treasures from a nearby sunken ship.
Repair the base before the aliens attack ! See if you can survive the attack !
Venturing out beyond the limits of our home planet, from simple beginnings to beyond the stars... Start by building a stone age civilization on the surface of a planet. Eventually build rockets to e
Luna - 1969 is a four player battle arena. Players are battling over a fake moon landing, while the people at home watch the events unfold
Guide a ball around a maze using waves. Use the arrow keys to emit waves from the sides of the arena. when these waves hit the ball it pushes it slightly in the direction of the wave.
An Endless Runner Game about goats and chickens running away from death
Defend a castle from a semi-infinite army... Glyndwr University