Past Games

Game about Dr.
Try to find the safety of home in harsh winter conditions before your body temperature drops too much. Experience the cold reality of stumbling trough snowy streets at the dead of night. Arrow
Puzzle game about connecting radio wires to make a song and then broadcasting the song.
A 2-player game, where one player controls the fed-up musician trying to escape the show, and the other controls the crowd preventing him from leaving.
Oh no, your heart fell out from it's correct place! Help your heart to it's rightful place in your body. Use spacebar to pulse with your heart, giving it a punt while increasing your pulse. Rotate the game world with left and arrow key. Watch out for capillaries that will raise your blood pressure (which will lead to death if too high). Don't let your pulse to go too low or too high either, 'aint good for a small heart.