Past Games

A Virtual Reality Game where you and a friend defend your naval base from waves of enemy ships, only everything takes place in a bathtub.
You’re an alchemist trying to make gold. You have specific instructions from your master and a fully-stocked laboratory. There are a lot of steps, but you’re pretty sure you can get it done faster.
Be the righteous fist of fury! In virtual reality, play as a first person fist of a giant robot. Your only goal to fight a monster terrorizing your city.
Drag on the screen to rotate the shape. Reveal the correct perspective for the hidden shape to complete each stage and gain time. You will lose when your time runs out.
In space, nobody can hear you scream. But the abandoned space station you crash landed on sure is making some weird noises... Controls: W, A, D to move, hold Shift to run. Space to control your flashlight. Stand still and/or turn out the lights, and you'll find you can hear better.