Past Games

Beholder is an ambient puzzle game about shifting your perspective to see that things may not be quite as broken as they first appear. Instructions: Hold the left mouse button and drag to orbit th
A musical toy... with crabs! Raw gameplay capture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIGjpo_ZWXs
A first person puzzle solving experience.
Wave goodbye to your friends as you join the new wave of Extreme Trampoline Champions.
A 2D platformer experience through a treacherous cavern lit only by a flame burning in the eye of the player-character.
Adventricule is a side-scrolling platformer in which the player must jump from blood cell to blood cell in order to progress through the game. You play a Nano-bot whose duty is to clean out the ventricles of its host. The challenge of this game will steadily the longer the player survives in one play through. Score will be calculated through a variety of means such as distance travelled and bonus score based on time. When a player dies, their corpse will float there and when the player passes that point in a different game, the corpse will still be floating there. This is the give the player a sense of achievement and visible improvement while playing the game. X-Box 360 Controller required to play Left Stick - move Jump - A Grab - Left Trigger

Hearty Games