Past Games

You must overcome a great challenge. Pearsistence and pearserverence will be pearamount. But don't dispear! You can assemble interactive moving parts to propel your pear as far as possible!
The government foreclosed on your ranch, and they are coming to forcefully take it from you.
What do you when your nuclear power plant message transmission breaks down? It's rather simple - Pigeons!
After a radical and uneducated United States administration took power in the year 2017, efforts to stabilise climate change were halted, due to an ignorant belief that such a thing did not exist.
Funerals, are the final rite of passage for our loved ones. It's a time of sadness and reflection... But, it's business time for Ben. The bodies are looming so his business is booming.
The game takes place after the traditional adventure platformer game ends.

Hearty Games