Guy Kroizman

Past Games

Single keyboard, Multiplayer coop game. Run for your life but also protect your friend over the splitted screen. Work together to clear the screen of filthy monsters.
Feeling trapped? Wish you could escape to a PC (Post-Covid) world? Well, great news - the exit is right in front of you.
Oculus Quest VR game You are god ! Use the tools available on your shelf to save your people (penguins) from the evil fiery boximnons
A B-Class Movie star sets out to protect the earth from Zombie \ Alien \ Whatever invasion! Defend the area from the monsters for as long as you can! Enjoy lovely bugs and glitches! Shoot everythin
Communication Wars 2 Player game TVs vs. Radios Transmit deadly messages to your minions to destroy the other player Keys- Player 1: asdw + (space) Player 2: arrows + (enter)
Microwaves warriors fight An exciting multiplayer game Use keys: q,p,m,(space) to move and double click them to fire !
Mr. big-ball daily ritual is to pick his kids from school and escort them safely home. Mr.
3 People. 1 Character. Get out of the maze.

Hearty Games