Past Games

A fossil-finding game inspired by Minesweeper.
Get rid of the debris and manage your own pub!
Bomberman meets Towerfall in a victorian graveyard, the final home of all mortals.
A Cardboard VR interactive story. The characters were named after Lloyd Clarke (
[HOW TO PLAY] Just click on the decisions. Simple as that! [ABOUT THIS GAME] This game is about making moral choices.
A player vs player psychotic side scroller race with power-ups.
This is a modular-sound-oriented-arena-reversed-pong game. It's easier to play than it is to explain, so don't worry about it :) Music is random and the background is unique per play and depends solely on how well you're doing!
Life, regrets and rejoys. \ A 3D platform game based on osmosis and choices.
You are toys and must cooperate into saving memories from extinction. Being redundant, however, comes at a great price.