Gustavo H Santos

Past Games

A game about microgames dueling for the mechanical superiority SPEED or PRECISION?
Have you ever imagined being one of those action figures without nimble fingers and proper articulations?
Much more than a puzzle game, Roome wants to bring good feelings. Through simple graphics and mechanics, the player has the mission of turning rooms into homes.
Um boi é transformado em rapaz por alienígenas recebendo um poder inusitado, e deve usá-lo de forma sigilosa, para obter picolés para seus comparsas.
Sincronize as frequências e viaje pelas diferentes ondas do espectro eletromagnético!
The game is about a group of people that was at the beach when a tsunami striked.
A game about alchemy that consist in merge the elements to make new elements or a potion. There are two modes of game, The first: Classic - Your goal is mix the elements to form others.

Hearty Games