Past Games

A puzzle game in the style of an escape room, with nostalgic graphics from the PS1 era. Shift between two parallel dimensions to uncover clues and solve your way to freedom.
Don the armor and blade of a fallen legend and engage in visceral first-person melee combat.
Just another day at the assembly line, fixing up zombies and giving a hand to those in need. Fail in your duties, and it will cost you more than an arm and a leg.
A broken VR snowfight game!
A truly off-the-rails experience. Meet Juan, a simple man with simple dreams. All he ever wanted was a train that could fly. Everyone doubted him, but now his wish has been granted.
Climate change is real... and you're in charge of it! Embrace the flame, cover everything in ice, or maintain a futile balance for as long as you can.
A 2D roguelike game, which unfortunately fell short of our initial goals, making gameplay rather bland. The story behind the game was supposed to deal with the process of healing as a ritual, and the
2D Platform shooter...