Guillaume Duquesne

Past Games

You are in a mission to find a precious stash in the depth of the sea.
Hospitalpocalypse is local coop game where you have to manage an hospital under drastic budget cut
An "exquisite corpse" attempt to answer to the the theme by a team without artists.
Three players, two defenders (controllers) and one hacker (keyboard). The latter has two minutes to strategically orientate corrupted packets of information along buses and nodes to bring them to t
W.A.R.L.F is an intergalactic puzzle tower defense with a MIDI Controller for input. You control a satellite around Earth, listening to alien ships approaching the planet.
'Another Day in Paradise' is an adventure game about Elliott Minton, a standard employee in a great firm.
Real Tiki Strategy is an experimental RTS (real time strategy game) in wich you manage an evil army of Tikis. The unique feature (and handicap) is that you control your units only by TYPING orders.

Hearty Games