Guilherme Pelanda Onofre

Past Games

The magicians must repair the bridge to protect the flocks from being sacrificed, because in this way the dreaded demon will recover his powers and be able to destroy them.
basic idea of ​​the game. Initial plan was to work with feelings, family, and the house itself, but with the intention of leaving the comfort zone decide to use the ludic as a differential, try to pl
A rounded alien is trying to establish the connection with his spaceship. To this, he has to collect batteries nas send Its energy thru energy towers. But wait, It is not that easy.
The Crazy Wave will destroy the world.
Lil'Cthulhu needs to go deep into a hellish sandworm to stop evil imps from complete a ritual to awake his big brother. Pequeno Cthulhu precisa entrar nas profundesas de um sandworm infernal p
A two players game where a fireman and a negotiator need to save a person who wants to kill itself jumping of a building.
A puzzle game where a boy who abuse animals receive a curse where he goes to see life as the animals he abused before.
A lab rat with heart trouble, the rats needs scape the labyrint and solve puzzles to receive a vacine in the door that will be open.