Past Games

After escaping from New York. Return 30 years later and explore the local wildlife in all it's betautiful cycle of life and death.
A VR stealth game without hands. You are in an old mansion to steal all the good loot - and cake! But don't get caught by the ghosts haunting this place.
A game about the struggle of a small minority. Pushed back to a remote west-german village they still tend to their culture and rituals.
This is a little experiment with the OpenDive goal was to design something playable without any adinional Controller just look at the pink Nodes or the People to
Trudi's heart is chained in metal keeping it from working properly. So she has to a bit of soul searching looking for a way to release the heart's strength. But the metal around it is hardened and can't be moved. So she will have to find the tools to bake through the material and free her heart. Use W A S D to move around and collect stuff.
You are inside a room. \ And you are obviously not alone.