Greyson Richey

Past Games

You are one of many disconnected contingents of humanity, after an apocalyptic happenstance that closed off warp travel. The warp is finally safe to travel once more, after many centuries...
Pick up loose parts by running into them! Aim with mouse, left-click to shoot. WASD for movement. Defeat all 5 waves to win!
A game in which you collect nouns to build your home! Race your friends in this local multiplayer game to build a mansion.
Prove that you're the biggest fish in the sea by sending waves of jellies, crabs, and sharks to bust down your opponents' coral castles! Local drop-in multiplayer supports 1-4 players.
"The Weirding Sisters congregate. Their brew is known to educate the pilgrims coming to partake. A lucky few will learn their fate; for the rest, trouble awaits." Witches Brew is
**NOT YET PLAYABLE** Rescue the puppies from the forest! Keep their attention from scary things.
Imagine Lemonade Tycoon mixed with a Japanese Dating Sim, but set with Superdudes. Go create some bromance! Use the arrows to navigate the SuperBros, and check out their bios and traits. Use these to determine if they're a good match, and if you feel good about it, press match! Get as much money as you can before time runs out or you make 25 matches.
You are a woman whose husband has become trapped in a mine. Desperate and seeking help at any cost, you find a witch willing to help you. Sacrificing your body, you become a voodoo doll with a mission...