Past Games

You control a White Blood Cell (globulos blancos in spanish).
Un espíritu dolido al borde del olvido, el dolor le acerca a la locura, su canto un faro al buen recuerdo, el laberinto consumirá su cordura.
Have you ever wonder what does a summon when .. well... when it's not summoned?
Combate de Kaijus y Mech´s
In a 19th Century Village, located somwhere in Mexico, an entity is being persecuted by villagers who want to destroy him at all cost.
DeathBeat is an exploration game where the player needs to find targets by listening to their heartbeats. The louder the heartbeat the closer the player is to his target. To pinpoint the target within crowds the player can listen to an individuals heartbeat by activating a sonar-like mechanic. The player needs to find an individual heartbeat that matches the sound of the overworld hearbeat sound.

Hearty Games