Past Games

Be the reason your team wins. Screw over your teammates. Score points by shooting each other and switch teams as needed to take advantage of the team multiplier.
The wizard lost his hat, because it was taken by his cat! Pick up spells to help get through the various obstacles in the tower to recover the hat!
Use your robot gardener to grow (and maybe re-grow) your garden! Bring up to three friends to help out. Your plants will have different needs.
Some crabs lives are defined by how many points their shell is worth. Kind of like real-estate investment. How many points is your shell worth?
Your job as a switchboard operator is to connect callers to callees. Do that to earn points. Listen to some funky beats along the way.
A 4-player battle royale involving boats, bombs, and pointy objects! Be the last gator standing (er, swimming)! Lose your boat? Get back to your dock quick!
Just another day for the robots working at the Hospital. Work with a friend to control the Motes and load up the disposal truck!
A rapid turn-based arena combat game, with chickens. Players compete in a 4 player free-for-all for the right to call themselves top hen. Get ready to put yourself between a cock and a hard place.
You play as one of up to 4 Samurai whom are trying to become the ultimate Kabuki master. Use your Ninjas and Sumo Wrestlers to out-wit and out-position your opponents.
A simple arena shooter where the robotic player must manage how fast they run and gun to avoid overstimulating their still human heart. Two players supported with controllers plugged in. An evil organization is kidnapping people and turning them into robots of destruction! You've still got your human heart, however, and are fighting back!
Allergy Alliance is a 2D puzzle game based on the collaboration between people with different kinds of allergies who must join forces to help each other survive and navigate through public places filled with allergens.
Prolong the life of your species, launch into the depths of space.