Past Games

Moonmaze is a 3D first person puzzle game that explores the concept of duality between day and night. Find the way out of the magical maze by collecting moonpieces.
Krypton 3D is a fast paced shoot 'em up where you can switch between a tank and an airplane mode.
Life in poles is difficult. If you are a shepherd living alone, even more. Your animals (which your life depends on) get lost every day.
Okyanus is a point & click game that takes place in various rooms. Game is about a girl, named "Okyanus", who is searching for the meaning of life.
Shipair is a Split-Screen coop game. Where players need to REPAIR holes to prevent ship to sink. Players need to get water out of the ship with buckets.
The game is about repairing a cell tissue which is under attack by harmfull viruses. When we enter the cell tissue, we must first swallow the viruses that are randomly distributed in the environment.
An indie gamer wants to pitch his new game to a publisher.
Credits: Murat Kalkavan, Gözde Berberoğlu Özen, Vugar Sevdimaliyev Diversifiers: Preaching to the Choir - Gather at least 10 jammers to sing a song and use it in the soundtrack of your game
The our character wants to fix broken pipes. He must improve efficiency for still go on.
When everything is broken at home, it's up to Ferit to fix it all. --------HOW TO PLAY--------- A for turning utilities on/off D for slapping them
It is a 2D turn-based local multiplayer experimental game which players trying to reach home.
Story of Orpheus who tries to rescue his wife from the Underworld. (Press LeftAlt to play your Lyre and charm enemies.
"Universe is the home of all animals!" Paganimals explores the idea of home from the perspective of animals and how they might feel about the concept of home.
A platformer puzzle game where player controls a raincloud who speeds up the snail and clear the path of snail.
Çok sevmiştin be abi! Evlendin sen o kızla, artık bi de çocuğum olsun dedin. Aldın başına belayı. Her şey çok tatlış da sen bu kargaşayla baş edebilecek misin?
A story about a shepard and his sheep getting chased by a wolf, trying to return home with a plot twist at the end.
Storyline: A flock of birds has been disbanded by a storm and fall apart from each other into distant islands.
Save people before the portal shuts down and planet crushes.
Torbacılık yapan Müptezel abimiz bir parti sırasında satış yaparken polisler baskın yapar ve Tarlabaşı'nın ıssız sokaklarında amansız takip başlar.
GGJ 2018 theme is announced in New Zealand. All communication channels, including internet and wireless communication is blocked to prevent Hawaiians' early access to the theme.
2v2 Head to head or 2 Person Co-op one button color mixing game. Challenge by keen color detection and coordination through your team.
The birds have decided to deliver a message to the omniscient celestial being to satisfy their need of leadership.