Past Games

Pirates get new legs and arms during their career. This is a game about leveraging your pirate crew lost limbs to upgrade them and boost your crew's firepower.
A group of drunken roombas is back home after a rhum drink session, and they suddenly remember they forgot to clean the house.
A trans robot with an identity crisis, doesn't know if it is a Jaeger or a Transformer.
My girlfriend asked: why do you carry a gun around the house? I looked her dead in the eyes and said, "Decepticons".
When in nature, many animals perform rather odd and peculiar courtship rituals. The Maratus Volans, commonly known as “peacock spider”, is one such animal. To best his competitors in impressing the
Red,Green and Blue are three guys that are working on a videogame. But, when they try to quit their own game, the reality quits instead. "What do we do now?" - They say.