Past Games

Deco Wars - the epic battle of 2-8 housemates all moving into a new share house with one major problem...
A voice input game for whales. Create and build your own roller coasters using only the power of your voice! Choose a blueprint and make some noise! The higher the pitch the taller the track.
A sentient robot has been infected with a virus. A tech company is scared that the virus will spread to the human augmentations they produce, but the android’s body has disappeared.
SCREENCHEAT is a 2-4 Player splitscreen First Person Shooter where the aim of the game is to hunt down the other characters.
An epic tale based in Neo-Feudal Japan of a (not so) noble Samurai warrior who had his eyes stolen by en evil demon. With his loss of vision, the Samurai has to utilise his other senses to observe his surroundings. With his years of training, and a few stumbles along his way, his quest for revenge has begun. Controls - WSAD for player movement Spacebar/Left Mouse Click for Attack Inclusive Diversifier Challenge - This game could be experienced by any person with partial or full loss of hearing, while still being able to enjoy the full entertainment of this game prototype. List of accessibility features included - Motor – ability to operate a controller => • Simple controls • Large well-spaced interactive elements || Hearing – ability to hear => • Reinforce any important audio information with visuals/text, eg. indication of which direction you’re being shot from in FPS games • Clearly formatted text for all speech (subtitles, eg. “John: Hello”) • Clearly formatted text for important background sounds (captions, eg. “Wind whistles”) || Cognitive – ability to understand, remember, process information => • Game can be started without navigating multiple levels of menus • Reinforce any information conveyed by text with images, sound or speech