Past Games

CONGA! ██████ 2 player co-op game. One player is a scout, other player is an engineer. The scout uses a drone to find runes or congas and then communicates their location to the player.
This is a game where you play as Cane, a clock mechanic who's on a mission to fix the Clock Tower in a post-apocalyptic steampunk version of Bitola.
Use sound waves to affect the environment blast your enemies into the air and finish them off with the hexagons on the wall.
Drums of War is a game where you perform a musical ritual of war to boost the morale and willpower of your army to help them achieve victory. --- Recommended players: 2 --- Controls of drums respe
Navigate through the level and shoot the robots by aiming at them using a crossbow that shoots LASERS. For best experience use the Google Cardboard glasses.
A chaotic world where nothing is what it seems... not even yourself. Immerse your mind in the harmony of Entropy, engine of the Universe.