Past Games

神廟古墓,寶藏無數。 石像守護,危機四伏。 步步為營,膽小勿入。
Chase the escapers who should be home quarantine! Induce red people to ambulance and avoid they to near white people.​ P1: Move: WSAD, Item: Q P2: Move: ↑↓←→, Item: Right Shift 居家隔離者逃跑了!趕快把他們
從人類邊殭屍,你家變成我家的故事。 小女孩的家園被一群壞人佔領,為了報仇而將所有壞人變成殭屍
The game is a top-down scrolling 2D shooter where migratory birds have to navigate to safety.
Keep the heart beating or die!!! How long can you survive? Defeat other players on the ranking board to be the best! Press the “space” key (or any key you like, by your settings) in the correct t
You want to go to the top of Taipei-101 to see the most beautiful view in Taipei. Before you enter the elevator, you have really bad feeling about this ride... However, you decide Going UP to br
有一個外星人,它很不喜歡現在的頭。 於是,它想換成其他的頭來改變自己。 外星人必須要收集相同形狀的頭來維持自己的生命。
在通勤、電影、旅行…種種地方,總有著許多令人心跳加速的擦身邂逅。 記得你/妳那澎湃的心跳聲嗎? 「天生一對」的兩人靠近時,心跳急加速。 這裡沒有種族、性別、地位限制, 我們如愛神邱比特,努力的讓兩人相遇...... 在一起的兩人, 用大大的愛且最直接的方式告訴世界