Past Games

Battle Blood it's a exploring / Beat 'em up / survival game. You are a bacteria trying to find your way out of the blood strain.
This is a collaborative/versus 4 players game where each player controls a rowing on a wacky boat and needs to coordinate with the other player on the team to win the race by dodging obstacles and avo
Multiplayer game for up to 4 players, where druids have to convert totems to their side, using a super button smashing ritual.
The game is about a magician who liberated an horrendous monster by mistake and tries to defeat him, but first he will need to chase him riding his dragon.
A multiplayer climbing race where the characters, a gross form of life, compete in a deadly race to survive while an acid flood threat to dissolve them.
In the space era, you have to find the alien in disguise by listening to everybody's heart beat. Requires the unity3d plugin. Headphones recommended.
This is the story of an overweight man trying to catch the bus. You have to run fast enough to catch the bus, but not enough to get a cardiac arrest. Be careful when jumping around the obstacles and regulate your effort according your heart beating. INSTRUCTIONS ============ a = Left b = Right j = Run k = Jump ¡Enjoy!
Para jugar sólo tienes que usar la rueda de tu mouse. Mantén equilibrada las pulsaciones de Buda para que pueda alcanzar el Nirvana.
Guide the last male panda in his quest to avoid the extinction of the entire species.