Giri Prahasta Iruma

Past Games

Without eyes you can't see, only hear you will be. Blistering voices you'll have be, no light nor glimpse you'll face me. Inspired by "Si Buta dari Gua Hantu".
In this game, everyone excude wave. And each character have different wave value..
Re-adjust the antenna to watch TV shows.
In the middle of making the game digitally, lord splashed me with broth of imaginations and halted me to finish the game. I too khusyuk (focused and on train of thought) with it.
A Game which combines real card game with digital game. Where players must put some symbol sequences codes ( there are 3 of them ) printed on the real card into the slot provided on the game screen.
As a stalker you want to know everything your admired ones. Stalk them, don't get too far, well but of course don't too close either.