Past Games

The forest is not a resource; it is life itself. A lumberjack inspects his forest; beautiful, still, and full of life. But something is wrong...
When work is over, it's time to go home, eat some pizza, watch some TV, and hang out with the wife. This is that game.
You are a head producer at Buzzfeed. Your three underlings earn points if they correctly guess the terrible article you're about to transmit to the world.
Your space shuttle was badly damaged by debris, and you can't call for help until the ship's components are fixed.
Kanye West has only the best, including the world's best microwave; powered by wizards like you! You have 30 seconds to heat up Kanye's wacky food to the desired temperature.
It's a head-to-head battle of Kitsune proportions!
Backwords is a party game where you and your teammates pray to pagan gods by repeating certain words... backwards.