Past Games

Farmer ventures deep into a monster dungeon to fetch lost pan.
Can you help Bob the builder fix all those things? Controls: Left-click to throw hammer. Try to hit the object to "fix" it.
Just chill and relax in your home.
Defend your home from Big Bad Wolves. Controls: Swipe to move/shoot. Step on house to reload ammo.
Drunk Bell cable transmission awesome game amazing
Old janitor, accidently breaks ancient cursed vase, while cleaning museum basement at night. The curse was released from the vase and brings demons to earth.
Years after, the father Tyler have passed away, in brutal mazes of GameJam 2015. But the legacy must be carried by his sons. Satanic, twisted minds of teenager piglets gone bad. The Ritual failed.
Tyler is a pig...
Space exploration survival game.
Evil pigeons try to extinguish people
As nightfall descends old ladies are hurrying outside to enjoy a pleasant evening walk. Unfortunately, some of them are not so innocent... As wolfish howls and terrified screams fill the air some corpses are found lying in pools of blood.

Hearty Games