Past Games

You are locked in your room without being able to remember who you are or why you are there, you must find a way to find yourself
A game for 2 players in which the screen of your TV is losing signal. Don't miss the show! Hit it with all you've got!
Un hombre que sufre esquizofrenia despierta en su hogar, pero deberá luchar contra los miedos y demonios de su mente para poder sentirse bien y no perder a su familia. [EN] A man wakes up on his
You are a dove born in the core of an important lineage of messengers doves. Your mission: transmit news and deliver letters anywhere necessary. It's the Middle Ages and the roads are dangerous.
A Man vs. Sea Monsters: A coastal city is destroyed by a tsunami of enormous proportions. When trying to rebuild and save the survivors, it is discovered that some sea monsters have taken the place.
Pep3 Lapapa, a sentient potato who ignores his own condition, wakes up to his cellphone ringing. He attepts to go to answer it, but, before that, he has to straigthen the chair in his bedroom.