Geraldo Pereira

Past Games

HeadBang is a fun game with lots of rock 'n' roll, where you should be a true METAL lover! The game is simple, you will only use the spacebar! Enjoy the music and have fun!
This game is a "Jump over the wave" simulator where kids are having fun competing to see who is the first to touch the yemanja goddess statue.
(PT-BR) O que acha de tocar ritmos de tambor e encontrar ritmos com a tribo. Jogo infinito, com sistema de criação baseado em base de conhecimentos.
A family lives alone in a cabin. The father, the daugther and the son. The father tries to teach his sons how to live in this dangerous world. But one day, he is one that will need their help.
Take this ride to a distant future, delve into a journey to find something of immeasurable value. Make your moves and live with the results in this short, sci-fi suspense.
John, our hero, is in a wheelchair and you need to share his vision of the obstacles found in the world.
Imagine you living inner in your own mind, creating dangers situations for yourself. That is the plot of "Enter the Shadows" game. Pack yourself do facet your worst nightmares.
Traitor Among Us is a multiplayer online game that puts the players inside a house that one of them gained, once they entered the house it´s door shut and locked.
O jogo se passa em um prédio na qual o personagem principal não sabe como chegou ao terraço e o porque estava na beira pronto para pular, recobra a consciência e tenta sair deste lugar escuro e assom