Garry Williams

Past Games

Split is a two-player interactive drama about the aftermath of a breakup. Express your angst or get over it as fast you can but remember: your ex-partner is living their life right at the same time
DWT is a rapidly paced, collaborative escape game. Each player must reach a spot, but only their teammates can tell them if they're about to fall in a trap! Hours of laught garanteed!
We will have to collect ressources and spread them to recreate life on earth.
God Runner is race platformer game for 2 players. Both players try to catch their opponent. The first to catch up with the other is the winner.
In KAZZ.ED you have to help Kazz, a little character, to survive to the extinction of his Binary Tetris World in a 2D Puzzle Plateformer game. Use Tetris pieces to make his way up to keep ahead of the dark void of chaos.
Frenzy Sheep race of collecting stars to seduce the sheep chick waiting on the moon. 4 contestants fight for climbing a romantic version of Paris and the eiffel tower. In its current version, the game require one to four XBox360 game pads to play. Keyboard controls will be added soon!