Past Games

You travel home with your child. PS4 Controller works. Movement with Left Joystick or WSAD Also please go left. Climbing is activated near cliffs, use up on your controller or W to climb.
Send out a distress message while holding back hordes of enemies: zombies, derpy robots and, killer fan-girls from outer space! Keep the door shut to transmit your S.O.S.
You're a robot and you bring life to a grey planet. Gain positive energy by planting flowers.
The Queen bee is an idiot and sold all of the precious artifacts required to summon the Spring Goddess and end winter.
Run and dodge obstacles by rolling. Watch out for traffic cones and glass handlers!
On the bottom screen Get to the end of the maze picking up good (cubes) to attack the harpy and avoid the bad (circles). False heroes abound. *Mechanics Demo