Past Games

Projeto focado em mecanismo de onda no qual o jogador possui tambores mágicos e precisa toca-los para modificar o terreno e vencer os desafios.
Have fun in a cyberpunk world, solving puzzles using gravitational waves as your ally!
In a world dominated by the dark and colorless, the last shaman can restore balance again.
The participant has just arrived in the Global Game Jam and need to form a team.
FIREFLY é um jogo de plataforma em que o personagem principal encontra-se dentro de seus pesadelos causados por problemas e medos no mundo real.
It's a simple default fighting game. The relation with the theme is the special move of the characters(bongo, train and thunder) that were our interpretations of the "sound". PS: You WILL NEED a Xbox Controller(2 would be great too ;D). PS2: I'ts almost finished, except for the character selection and the sprites (Orthello 2D just fucked up everything... Don't use that.)