Gabriel Busarello

Past Games

Story: In a post-apocalyptic world, where being perfect is the rule. They want to repair us, but we are not broken. So we fight... How to Play: You play with a friend to collect tools, fuel and
[ENG] A top-down co-op game where two restorers get inside paintings to clean and fix them. One of them only destroys things, while the other only builds.
Its an adventure game which you have to operate a zeppelin in a voyage, by running inside the machine room fixing problems.
Dog and Cat fight to destroy each other's house while trying to preserve theirs.
Have you ever imagined being one of those action figures without nimble fingers and proper articulations?
Já se perguntou o que Lar significa para você? … Como resposta pode ser subjetiva, neste jogo lhe daremos um resultado baseado nos objetos que você encontrar e combinar.