Past Games

In a word: its a Journey. For everyone experiencing it, it means something different.
Keep repairing! The ship is falling apart. You poor droid, you can never rest. Search for 3 different parts.
You're a chihuahua living in a fancy hand bag and you have to defend it from those filthy other dogs living in cardboard boxes.
Defeat incoming enemies by hitting them with their corresponding color. The color is dependent on the wavelength and the wavelength is determined by the player's movement.
The Tribe needs a new Shaman after the old one disappeared mysteriously. Some say his dance moves weren't divine enough. And that's where you come into play(pun intended).
On a Friday Night 2 Dudes are sitting on a couch. No Date's and extremely motviated... not to move. "So what do we do now?" asks one of them.
A game about racing each other while seeing yourself through the eyes of the other player.
You are an armor lacking your heart, because the evil witch stole it from you. You need to get it back or you are doomed to a lifeless life. But this sounds easier than it is done. You have no idea where your heart is and your only guidance is the heartbeat, your heartbeat. The faster it becomes the closer you are to it. Or so you hope... (If you do not have headphones you can also see the heartbeat in the upper right corner)
The world is infinite repetition, but the ground that crumbles behind you doesn't return...
Run solo or against other players for the nearest hiding place behind an obstacle before the wave hit's you! Fastest coward wins!
Cuboid Retro Jump n Run - Play and you`ll fail!