Past Games

You are the Alien on this Planet, Your space sheep was broked and now you must find the way too call for help. In this game you must find setelite and send signal to the space.
Make the WORLD GREAT AGAIN. Be a operator of transmission belt, where garbage from whole world came. Be a MASTER OF SEGREGATION. World trending game design , graphics and gameplay.!
Racing game (relay-racing actually). Players are nerdy scientists who race by charging atoms with energy to get faster. Whoever transfers all four atoms first - wins.
Aw yeah. Devoting your whole life to crazy research on how to save humanity.
Boatee the boat is ferrying scientists to a South Pole research station. The path is long and treacherous, take control and evade danger. The fuel is limited and the hull is fragile.
You are controller of air traffic radar station, its rush hour. Sky above you is full of planes and geese. Try to avoid collision at all costs.
Shamans compete on waves of power to get a fame for the irtribes.
Local multiplayer sports game about making sacrifices. On you can play post-compo with single player mode!
Game for two players. Based on traditional egg breaking competition during Easter. Person, who smashed the most other eggs with his hard-boiled egg, wins.
Surviving a plane crash you are stranded on an island. Make choices, learn and figure out what to do to survive.