Past Games

Simple game about finding your way out of a museum with time limit.
You are already in the GAME! You are CHOOSEN. Try add as many participants as You can. Don't worry, they cannot remove themselfs, but beware...
Fortify and defend your house.
Two signals on their way to destination zone.
Head-on challenge where your signal is the weapon.
Neptune and Poseidon are duking it out over who is the REAL sea god!
Two pixel beings, two destinies, one way to win.
King's precious medallion has been stolen and it is up to you to find out who did it. Disguise as various characters and try to get information.
Instruction: Collect the coloured blocks from the board in the order shown on the left. Try to make it in as few heartbeats as possible. Move the marker - WSAD Collect block - Space The idea behind the game is to explore what kind of player interaction can be compressed within the extremely short duration of a single heartbeat. Players have a heartbeat to memorize a pattern of coloured squares and the locations of the individual squares on the playing board. They then have to build a pattern moving the marker to the correct fields and "collecting" the colored blocks. It is up to the player how many heartbeats he or she needs to use to complete the task. The fewer heartbeats used, the better. Time is running away and mistakes can cost your life.
A girl, carrying the world's last hope for deliverance from eternal sadness, runs from the darkness that chases her. It is your task to make sure she gets to safety, either by controlling her moves, or her surroundings.