Past Games

Gameboy game where you sneak around a company fixing the problems. Problems like: Polution, Wealth Inequality, Artificial Scarcity. Controls: Arrows to move, Z/X for A/B buttons, Enter for Start b
You're a very terrible moving company assigned to pack up someone's belongings - but not everything will fit in your truck so you've gotta chuck some stuff in the trash.
XenoRace is a game where you have been taken to an alien planet, and must race your Alien Core to the finish line, for the amusement of your captors.
Exploring an underwater world, you have to use your Sonar to find your way and activate all the crystals to extend your own energy stamina.
You're a pilot with an affinity for patterns and so in battle you feel compelled to kill your enemies by color and shape.
A sim game based on 80's business. The decisions affect your sanity, your business, and the public's view of you. See how you'd measure up in the business world!
You play as a nanobot trying to fight your way through the body to attack the heart. You fight off Blood cells, and Antibodies. And blast your way through valves. Can you survive the Heart Attack? Controls: Left/Right - Rotate around Up - Jump Spacebar - Shoot(press)/charge shot(held)
A 2D platformer game in which the environment is deceptive. A blank canvas is painted by Burly Bob to make his way through the levels.