Frederic Sommer

Past Games

The evil Dark Javer wants to trigger Armageddon. Our last hope: Agent Valjean, super spy specialist in transmission interception... Le diabolique Dark Javer veut déclencher l’Armageddon.
Wave Jammer est un jeu de Sport vocal. Générez grâce à votre voix les vagues telluriques afin d'envoyer le ballon dans le panier adverse. A la fin du temps celui qui à marqué le plus de points
Penguins are a peaceful community driven by habits, eat fish, throw fish, dive to fish fishes, eat fish... Each penguin performs a ritual of a turn on itself, before eating or before diving.
So you're being chased. It's running faster than you, and will be upon you any second. What're you gonna do ?
Enter The First Alternate Reality Geek Fiction Simulator.(ARGFS) You are working :) on your computer and suddenly your datas start to self-delete. You try to save your files, but gosh!!!! your PC does a Heart attack. Try to reanimate it! Put your hand on the Keyboard and go go go... your files are still being deleted. Controllers: - Mouse - KeyBoard - Microphone Do not hesitate to use any other device if ever you need information on how to save your computer (E.G :
Doki doki is an experimental non-fighting game where you must perform combat move without actually touching your opponent / partner. This is a 2 player game only ( both on the same keyboard ). Your progression in the game is represented by the richness of the soundtrack. The game requires that the players communicate and try even to plan some sort of sequence to perform successful moves rapidly.
Rise to the top of an ancient babylonian tower. Complete a floor and... do it one more time with just a tiny difference : a wall masking the view. \
Absorb enemies of your color, and avoid touching enemies of the opposite color. Switch color to absorb them all!
Devil is back in Kawaii, seductive and deceptive as ever, he is well decide to flame the innocent kawaii. Give him a hand;)