Past Games

Demonio is a mid-angel mi-demon character who's in charge of forging souls with requested characteristics.
The hero wake up with a severe hangover in some unknown bathroom. To find the exit of the place, they will have to solve a few puzzle games. The player move the character through the place, look f
You have 100 seconds to repair the non-ecological behavior of a climate sceptic.
Yuri has just been led to his final resting place.
Claustrophobic Crossdressing Knights is a cooperative game in which each player explores a map filled with enemies. Potions can be picked and transmitted to the other character to change his/her dr
Futuristic runner in a tron-like universe. Inspired by water-skiing and arcade games. You control the amplitude and the frequency of a sine wave to dodge obstacles. Try to reach the best score!
It is a great day at the Shinto Midori temple. People get ready to celebrate the Kanamara Matsuri, the annual Fertility Festival. The climax is near, except that...