Past Games

This a game where you play as Maria Elettra Elena Anna, the granddaughter of Guglielmo Marconi (which actually was one of his daughter, but anyways..) You turn on one of his early radio prototypes and
You are a treasure hunter, lost in a terrible darkness labyrinth. Your objective is to catch as many relics as you can. Be careful with the wandering wraiths and the changing walls.
El viejo laberinto ha sido abierto. Akeley debe recorrerlo para detener el ritual de invocación que hace peligrar toda la existencia. Juego 3D de armado y resolución de laberintos.
It is Rope Runner, a cooperative runner.
A race where the players run in the same scenario, but is different for each of the racers.
It's a platform android videogame of a single screen with no scrolling where the objective is to kill the beating heart. As you hit the heart, lots of enemy minions fall down and the frecuency of the heartbeat increments. Initially it was going to be a 4-player competing game for giving the last hit to the heart, but we lacked of time.