Past Games

Cook the best meal you can given you limited budget and inflated food prices. Disclaimer: alcohol and drug usage. How to play: - Use the grip or trigger buttons on the Vive controller to pick up it
Start a wave of Populism and beat your friend at the election! 2-player local multiplayer. Requires 2 controllers. In 180 days an election is being held.
NECROMANCERS - FIGHT! Two diabolic ritualistic necromancer summoner masters are fighting to destroy each other. Local 1v1 with two controllers or keyboard.
Z to talk and punch depending on level, arrow keys to move
A speed oriented Side-Scroller coded from scratch in C++ using SDL and involves randomly generated terrain allowing for re-playability, High quality artworks were also done allowing for moving clouds and a parallax effect in the background. There is the distinct possibility of expansion in the future.